Ease of Use

XFINITE has made it easy to be in control of your home – even when you’re not around. An all-inclusive multi-platform app that connects your smart devices through latest technology, XFINITE removes the stress out of your daily routine. By performing everyday tasks like switching off the lights, geysers and A/c, when nobody is at home or unlocking the door remotely when you forgot to give the keys to your loves ones, XFINITE empowers
you to lead an active and peaceful life without worrying about what’s
happening at home. It’s almost like being in two places at once,
that too with increased productivity.

In(X)finite possibilities

XFINITE suggested app allows you to control and customize all the ingredients of your smart home, creating a truly seamless system. The easy-to-use app makes it a child’s play to create new scenes based on combinations and sequences of your existing devices. The app provides a powerful solution to simplify how you manage your smart home.

Best of breed

XFINITE suggested devices in different protocols like Fibaro operates on Z-Wave technology,Hogar on Zwave, Zigbee and Wifi protocol, Eglu on IOT platform, Domogenie on Wifi, the widely adopted automation platforms that allows XFINITE solutions to work with the brands you know and love. Be it the highly sophisticated locking systems from Yale or Samsung, or the high-end home theater systems from Bose or ProFx, or your personal favorite assistant Alexa or Siri or Google Home, just to name a few. Absolutely no constraints!!

Scalability on Demand

Because of XFINITE’s products unique networking concept, it’s very easy to integrate additional products of your choice as and when you need it instead of going with a big-bang approach. Furthermore, these products can communicate with each other as well apart from taking commands from the gateway controller. This makes the scene customization even more interesting.

Personal & Data Security

While taking responsibility to secure your home and your loves ones, XFINITE also guarantees that we will never compromise or misuse your personal information at any cost. That’s an XFINITE commitment to you.

“XFINITE installed surround sound, lighting automation etc. in two rooms in my home. I am naturally very picky but XFINITE team did not let me down, their attention to detail was great. Everything was left perfect. Their entire teams approach was customer service oriented and they did not leave until the job was fully complete. ” 

Anuj Tripati

“It went excellent they were punctual, professional, they were very efficient and everything work’s beautifully.” 

Michael George

“We have hired for our CCTV, Access Control and Office automation solutions, the team did a decent job that we moved in 6 months of the installation and we could easily move all in our new premises. Thanks XFINITE team”

Srishty Reddy

Get Ready for Scalable but Simple & Smart Home Automation.

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FIBARO Demos Unique Gesture Control Pad for Home Security

Set It

Smart applicancesuse Wi-Fi/ RF to communicate with your phone.


Save time. Save Power. Cut costs. Have fun. Or, just make your day a little bit easier.

XFINITE home automation system delivers personalized, flexible control over your smart home,all for just INR 30000/- onwards. Want to learn more about how it works? Connect with Team XFINITE.