CCTV /Video Survelliance system is one of the proven tool world wide which has facilitated prevention of crime and protection of people, homes, office, public spaces, businesses, private property and more. Todays technology enables a CCTV system that is easy and flexible in operation and simultaneously providing access on your mobile or any smart devices real time or also providing excellent quality snapshots both in daylight or night time to serve as an analysis tool regarding the events happened in the premises and /or serve as an evidence, if necessary.
We provide our clients (B2B /B2C) with highly acclaimed range of CCTV solutions from world recognized brands for high performance and long service life.
Our solutions for Video Surveillance system for indoor and outdoor includes:
1. Dome Cameras
2. IR Cameras
3. Bullet Cameras
4. DVR
5. NVR
6. ONVIF Cameras
7. IP Cameras
8. Wifi Cameras
9. Network Cameras
10. Cloud Based Cameras