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Wireless Home Sound System

A perfect wireless speaker for any room in your home.Bedroom. Kitchen. Living room or bathroom. If you have a room, there’s a Sonos wireless speaker that will sound great in it..

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The New Standard in Home Theater

The OPPO 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player provides an unmatched A/V experience to home theater enthusiasts. Drawing from over a decade’s worth of experience in advanced imaging processing technology and high fidelity audio performance, the player is an ideal source to complete the ultimate home theater and sound room. Its High quality digital electronics deliver style, performance, innovation, and value to A/V enthusiasts and savvy consumers alike.
OPPO attention to core product performance and strong customer focus distinguishes it from traditional consumer-electronics brands. With products that speak for themselves and relying on word-of-mouth, OPPO Digital have spent most of all energy on product design and customer service.


4K UHD Blu Ray Players/DAC/Wireless Audio Distribution.

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TAGA Harmony

The European founders of the TAGA Harmony brand were recognized music lovers and specialists in the high-end audio and were dealing with repair and sales of high-end audio equipment.
They found out that most speaker brands that boasted top sound performance, offered their products at extremely high prices, but they did not really provide good sound quality.The high class finishes along with all the components and technology either totally new or deeply revised in TAGA.

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TruAudio was founded upon the idea that a quality, custom, home theater or multi-room audio installation requires a professional. Having begun as custom installers themselves, TruAudio continuously strives to be the type of speaker manufacturing company with whom, they would like to do business. It is from these observations that TruAudio built the soul of the company and give you the promises and commitments that they do.


Full range of installation speakers, including high-end home theater speakers, amplifiers, racks and mountings.

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For more than 65 years, the Revox name has stood for audio products of the highest technical perfection. Products such as the legendary Revox A77 reel-to-reel tape machine, which even after decades, is still seen as a milestone for top-quality audiophilia. This tradition continues today with a modular, upgradable technology concept. Then as now, Revox develops visionary and future oriented products which stand out like a shining beacon in the gloom of mass market mediocrity.


Audiophile Speakers/Multi-room Audio Distribution/Amplifiers

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Marantz, defining music for 60 years.

hi-fi is about being able to reproduce the magic of a performance. It’s about experiencing music just as the artist intended. Obviously, this kind of high quality reproduction requires the best components. Marantz carefully chooses the product components to achieve the goal of music reproduction.

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AGATH is a French designer of high quality multimedia systems. They design, manufacture and distribute the most advanced TV sets, through a carefully selected international network of retailers. AGATH is totally dedicated to technology, and its entire team only has one ambition: to offer you the very best sound and image.


Mirror Televisions/Bespoke Mirrors

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Boston Acoustics:

Delivering exceptional sound at an affordable price, the Boston Acoustics Home Theater Speaker System brings cinema-quality audio to your living room. This five-channel system uses four bookshelf speakers and one two-way center channel speaker to create a dynamic, immersive soundstage. Each speaker has been engineered with high-grade components to ensure stunning audio reproduction across a wide range of frequencies.

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Home Cinema Projectors

From Full HD 3D to 4K, the Sony range of home cinema projectors ensure the most breathtaking, fully immersive and entertaining movie, sport and gaming experiences.

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Get Ready for Scalable but Simple & Smart Home Automation.

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FIBARO Demos Unique Gesture Control Pad for Home Security

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Smart applicancesuse Wi-Fi/ RF to communicate with your phone.


Save time. Save Power. Cut costs. Have fun. Or, just make your day a little bit easier.

Xfinite’s home automation system delivers personalized, flexible control over your smart home,all for just INR 30000/- onwards. Want to learn more about how it works? Connect with our team.